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       There is a classic story told in the the Old Testament (2 Kings chapter 2) about the elevation of Elisha to be prophet in Israel. His mentor, Elijah, was about to make a spectacular departure from earth and he turned to his apprentice and asked “what shall I do for you before I am taken from you?” Elisha said “I want a double portion of the spirit that is on you to rest on me.”

     This story has been preached and taught by just about every Christian minister, theologian and leader in the world. We all desire and long for that “double portion” experience in our lives as God empowers us to serve with ability that is beyond our own. Some have taught that this “double portion” experience can be obtained through giving or prayer.

     The scripture gives us the best light. When Elisha made his request, Elijah replied “you have asked a hard thing.”  The Hebrew word for hard here simply means tough or severe. In other words, it is not easy. Everything in life that is good is not necessarily easy. It takes discipline, self-control and faithfulness to walk in excellence in life.

     Elisha was promoted to the office of prophet in Israel and received “double” because he was faithful in serving Elijah for over ten years. He was referred to as” the guy who poured water on Elijah’s hands”. Although Elisha had that mantle cast upon his shoulders, which represented the anointing of the Holy Spirit, there was a period of growth and development that had to take place in his life before he stepped into that role as the Prophet of Israel. He was faithful in helping Elijah behind the scenes and out of the spotlight before promotion came.

     There are no shortcuts in the Kingdom of God. If you have a desire to accomplish more and be a person of greater influence, remember the story of Elisha. Be willing to serve where you are and prove yourself faithful. Know that God sees your service and will reward you accordingly.

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